Sunday, December 06, 2015

Rivalry Weekend a Little Late

Welcome back to Snippet Sunday!

I'm continuing with snippets from Shades of Blue, my coming-of-age/YA/mystery. (You can catch up on the earlier excerpts here) This week you get to meet Sam's step-sister, affectionately known at school as "Backseat Britney." JoJo goes to Sam's house to get him and Britney answers the door.

“Is Sam here?” I said as politely as I could manage.

“He’s busy right now,” Britney replied, flipping her long black hair off her shoulder and leaning in the doorway to block my path.

“Just tell him I’m here, okay?” I felt my temper rising and started counting backward from a hundred--Sam’s latest anger-management suggestion.

“I said he’s busy, little girl,” Britney said. “Go play with your dolls or something.”

I stopped counting and said, “Hey, I heard Ford wants to hire you for their commercials to say their back seats are better than Chevy’s. Maybe they’ll pay you enough to buy yourself a brain.”

Wow, my heroines sure do have smart mouths, huh? Wonder where they get that from. ;-)

More next week, or you can buy your own copy of Shades of Blue here.

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  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Ow, naughty girls, indeed. Last line is a blast :) Will drop by next weekend for sure.

  2. lol- I don't think anger management is working. Enjoyed the snarky banter.

  3. Yeah, I wonder where. LOL Great snippet. Wish I had time to do this again. Was a lot of fun. Love this story. :-)

  4. Quite the comeback! I never think of these snarky cool things to say in the moment, so I admire your character LOL :) Great snippet...

  5. Now that's a comeback!

  6. Is Britney that rude to everyone or does she not like JoJo? Love the comeback, though!

  7. love that line about Ford. Terrific interaction, says so much about the characters.

  8. oh wow ... quite a comeback....

  9. P.T., Britney is hard to love because of the things she's been through. I originally intended for her to be an antagonist only, but she changed my mind. ;-)

    Thanks to everyone for the comments!

  10. Wow, that comment. She better go get Sam cause Jojo will have none of it.