Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Young and the Hormonal Revisited

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

Since this week was so crazy, I'm repurposing a photo and title I used last year when I was sharing snippets of Shades of Blue while it was still a WIP. This will be one of the last snippets before things get very real and you'll see that this book definitely ain't no Sweet Valley High.

The following Monday, Sam and I didn’t talk at all in the car while Daddy drove us to school, and Sam walked away without saying a word when we got there. I reminded myself of my decision to give him some time and resisted the urge to call him a rude butthead. Remarkable restraint, in my opinion.

We ignored each other all morning, but when I saw him at lunch, sitting at a different table from our regular one, I decided his time was up and he was gonna talk to me whether he wanted to or not. I started toward him but stopped after three steps because Melissa Caton and Cindy Rester sat down on either side of him in a gush-and-giggle duet.

I was glad to see that at least Sam still blushed the way he'd always done when confronted with any girl who wasn't me. When he looked up and met my gaze, I thought for sure he’d send me a silent message to rescue him and we’d be back to normal again, but all he did was look away and nod in response to something Melissa said. She and Cindy giggled some more, then I heard one of them say something about Sam playing quarterback. I turned to walk away in disgust and collided with Chip Wiley’s smirking face.

Remember Chip? He's the one who broke JoJo's bathing suit top at the creek and got punched by Sam for it. Tune in next week to see how he makes things a lot worse.

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  1. Getting past the awkward stage never goes the way you think it will. Good eight!

  2. That is an age where it's hard to put your feelings into words. Such a great snippet and can't help but falling in love with these two kids. :-)

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    You've gotten into her head very well.

  4. "Gush and giggle duet" - what a terrific phrase! Enjoyed the excerpt!

  5. Wonderful snippet and so true to life. Can't wait to find out what smirking Chip has to say. Nothing good I wager.

  6. Wonderful and filled with juvenile angst. This rings so true.

  7. Great job capturing how kids think and act - I work with middle 6-12th graders and I could totally see them in this.

  8. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I agree with Veronica, "gush and giggle duet" is a fantastic phrase to describe teenagers like that. Well done on capturing how middle school actually goes, perfectly done down to a T!

  9. You've captured the lunch room perfectly. Uggg... Never liked gushing girls. Great snippet.

  10. Oh my! This can't be good. They better make up quickly before trouble arises.

  11. I do love her "voice" in the narration.

    Sounds like things might get interesting in the lunch room...