Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not Impressed

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday!

Last week Jada found out from Flo, her Afterlife Advisor, that her penance also includes learning to deal with normal human emotions since she didn't do that when she was alive. Like Makayla Maroney above, Jada is not impressed. Here's her response.

SUBJECT: Redact this!

This seriously bites! I’d try to sue or something, but I’m sure it wouldn’t do me any good and all the lawyers are probably in hell anyway. I also think your department should have to pay your own penance for a screw-up like this. I hope your computers get a virus that replaces all your records with knock-knock jokes and bad puns.


Just a guess here, but I don't think her new e-mail addy will pass muster either. Thanks for stopping by, and please leave me a comment. I love feedback!

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