Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's All in the Details

Time again for Snippet Sunday!

Last snippet from my MG novel, True Blue, the first book in my True Blue Trilogy. (You can catch up on the earlier excerpts here.) This scene takes place the first day of summer vacation after the fifth grade, a summer of major changes for Jeana and all three of the boys. Wade and Jeana are in the shed behind his house that they used for their Mystery Masters meetings. Wade has just given Jeana the bad news that his family is moving across town, but he also shows her a heart he carved on the shed door with their initials in it and officially asks her to be his girlfriend.

He set the flashlight down and took both of her hands to pull her closer to him. Jeana knew what was about to happen and couldn't believe none of the butterflies had come back to life in her stomach. She wasn't a bit nervous, because she'd been waiting for this to happen ever since the night they'd looked at the constellations together and she'd made her wish on the shooting star. It had taken awhile, but it was finally coming true.

Wade moved his hands to her waist, and she put hers on his shoulders. For a few seconds they just looked at each other, then he leaned toward her and she watched his lids slowly hide the green eyes she loved so much. When their lips touched, she closed her own eyes and tried to memorize every detail about the moment—how soft his lips felt pressed against hers, how fast his heart was beating, the way his arms trembled slightly as they held her close to him, even the clean, soapy smell of his skin and hair. It's not every day a girl gets her first kiss, and Jeana wanted to remember everything about it.

Okay, so we know which boy she likes first, but will it last through high school and beyond? You'll have to read all three books to find that out, and you can buy the True Blue Trilogy here. ;-) And please do also check out the other Snippet Sunday folks. Something for everyone among these talented writers!

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  1. Oh those first kisses are a treasure. Very sweet.

  2. Awww, sweet moment indeed!

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I love your gentle yet sensuous descriptions. This will be a first kiss to remember!

  4. Awwww...

    Hopefully it's not a big town and they can still see each other.

  5. Awww. How sweet, and how true. There's nothing quite like the first, as long as it doesn't leave sour or regretful memories afterwards.

  6. He's making his move AND moving away, horrible timing. Will they still be at the same school. Hopefully hey will stay in otuch for a while

    1. They'll still be at the same school, but things are going to change over the summer.

  7. soooo well written, loved it, well done.

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