Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tetanus Shots are Important

Time again for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

I'm continuing with snippets from my new release, True Blue, the first book in my True Blue Trilogy. (You can catch up on the earlier excerpts here.) Since the snippets from the last two weeks about what Mickey and Wade are dealing with at home have been so sad, I think we need something much lighter this week. I always try to have a good balance of humor and darker issues in all my books. Here's another scene with Jeana, Wade and Billy Joe in the clubhouse, about to sign the honor contracts that bind the members of the Mystery Masters together and swear them to secrecy. Jeana had originally told the boys they had to sign their names in blood and neither of them liked that idea at all.

“I got a better idea when I was reading this afternoon,” Jeana said. “We'll prick our fingers and press them together to mix our blood, but instead of signing our names with it, we'll put our fingerprints at the bottom of the contract under our signatures.” She pulled a hat pin from where she’d stuck it in the collar of her shirt.

“Geez, what were you reading?” Billy Joe said, “Nancy Drew Tortures the Hardy Boys?”

Wade laughed but stopped when Jeana gave him a look.

“No, it was a book about an Indian boy and his white friend who become blood brothers. I like that better. Plus, it’ll take less blood than signing our names, since both of y’all are weenies.”

“Weenies who don’t wanna pass out from blood loss,” Billy Joe said. “Me and Wade got longer names than you, ya know.”

No, that picture isn't a real book. I don't know who did the Photoshopping, but it cracked me up. Next week we'll get poignant again when we take a peek into Billy Joe's heart and see that he's more than just a jokester. Can't wait? You can buy True Blue here. ;-) And please do also check out the other Snippet Sunday folks and the Weekend Writing Warriors. Something for everyone among these talented writers!

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  1. LOL. I was kinda hoping your illustration went with your book. You'd make a fortune!

  2. I thought the three kids came across as quite real in today's snippet, very believable dialog. Well done!

  3. I loved the illustration. lol Too funny.
    Enjoyed the snippet. The banter was perfect.

  4. Great snippet. I liked the interaction, it seemed real.

  5. Wow, this brings back "clubhouse" memories. Unsurprisingly, my brothers were weenies too, so we never did sign anything in blood, though I dearly wanted to. You capture that childhood dynamic so well.

  6. Fun snippet. Love that it's the boys that are squeamish about the blood.

  7. Good job with the humor and realism. Girls can always handle more blood than boys. LOL The "longer names" reminded me of Dumbledore's comment about his name in The Prisoner of Azkaban movie.

  8. Fun - she's braver than they are!

  9. Great snippet! Very realistic and the dialogue makes it so amusing!

  10. Dialogue is great, and sounds realistic to me.

  11. Love this snippet, and that illustration is hilarious!

  12. LOL! Great role reversal in having the boys squeamish about the blood instead of her. Love the Nancy Drew line!