Sunday, August 19, 2012

Delicious Dilemma

For my last Six Sentence Sunday featuring my novel Symmetry, I felt I needed to show why Jess has such a tough decision about which man she wants to be with.

Last week I left you in the middle of a testosterone-charged exchange between Jess's estranged husband Lee and Noah, the attractive man from her past. Jess manages to stop Lee before things become physical, but he makes sure that Noah knows Jess is still his wife before he leaves. He comes back in the middle of the night, reeking of whiskey and pleading with Jess to forgive him for all his past transgressions. She's not at all convinced, but she lets him sleep on the couch since he's in no condition to drive. This scene takes place the next morning.

Lee was still asleep when she got up in the morning, sprawled on the couch the way he’d taken a nap there so many times in the past. She stopped to look at him on her way to the kitchen and had to marvel at how, even while in dire need of a shave with his hair a mass of blond chaos and his bottom lip vibrating rather obscenely every time he exhaled, he was still the best-looking thing she had ever seen.

Her gaze was drawn to the way his biceps flexed on the arm bent over his head and the glorious shape of his lower body inside his wrinkled cotton pants. Her pulse quickened the way it always had whenever she looked at him. God, she was so hooked on him it was like having a chemical dependency--addicted to the hormonal rush her body always experienced when it was near his. She was nothing but a pathetic Lee junkie.

Which man will she pick? Her hunky, clueless husband or the silken-voiced sweetheart from her past? Buy Symmetry here and find out!

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  1. Can she have both? Only kidding. :-) Love is something that is hard to walk away from even if you are angry with them. I love this scene. Great Job Joyce. I want to go read it again now.

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Wonderful scene Joyce! Love her description of him, it felt so personal and then the lovely ending that encapsulates just why her decision is so hard! "pathetic Lee junkie"=awesome

  3. Great scene depicting the push pull of an estranged relationship. Great six.

  4. OMGoodness, I got it to post! woot woot, national holiday today for everyone. And about the scene, love is one of our strongest human emotions, how do you walk away from that.