Sunday, May 13, 2012

Premature Expatiation

Yep, I jumped the gun on my last post. Went off half-cocked. Shot from the hip. Belabored this metaphor way too much . . .

ANYWAY! I decided that I should have started with an excerpt from the prologue of True Blue Forever that would introduce all four main characters and what ties them together. So, although I've already shown the girl my heroine grows up to be, here's a glimpse of her as a child. This scene takes place at the fifth grade honors program, and Jeana has just recited a poem she wrote.

Three of Jeana’s listeners were captivated by the girl who recited with such presence the words she had written. Eleven-year-old boys are notorious for hating girls, and yet three of them sat on metal folding chairs in the stuffy, overcrowded room permeated with the smell of corn dogs they would be served later for lunch and felt their hearts quicken at the luminescence of Jeana’s smile. They knew this girl was special, and each of them fell in love with her. Eleven-year-old love that could be felt but not admitted. Not yet, anyway.

And the three boys shared a thought: Someday, she’ll be my girl.

You can find all my books here and the other Six Sentencers here. My favorites are my BFF Lee Ann Ward and critique partner Stephanie Lawton, whose dirty mind I'm sure had a field day with the title of this post and the resulting idioms. ;-)

~Stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true!


  1. Oh, what a sweet picture of Jeana! I love it! And I love this book! My favorite in the whole wide world...and a totally fab 6 to introduce Jeana and the boys. Bravo!

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Actually, my mind didn't go there this morning. I was too busy trying to pronounce "expatiation." ;)

  3. \ek-'spā-shē-ā-shun\ ;-)