Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blogging for Thinkers

My favorite flyboy, Aston West, graciously nominated Blue Attitude for a Thinking Blogger Award. While this is an honor in any case, it touches my little blue heart even more because this flyboy has so obviously thunk a few thinks himself.

In accordance with the rules, here are my nominations for 5 more cogitators:

Maya Reynolds Maya can always be counted on for lots of info and lots of laughs!

Janet's Jargon Janet Elaine Smith is a savvy lady who still knows how to have fun!

Hellatias Writing Lee Mills will possibly make you either mad or crazy, but you'll have to think in the process!

Jaycee's Rants Another outrageous lady with a brain to go with her brawn!

BookEnds LLC Agent Jessica Faust can always be counted on for great information on the publishing business and generally entertaining posts.

Check out these blogs, folks. You won't be disappointed!

~Stay true to yourself, and your dreams will come true!


  1. Why thank you kindly for your nod to my blog. I do have fun with it, but hopefully I also manage to pass along a few of the things I have learned along the way.
    For more "Marketing for Fun and Profit" with Janet Elaine Smith, don't forget to tune in to on Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET. Or if you miss it, they are all available in the archives over there.
    Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you do s again.
    Janet Elaine Smith, Author/Marketer

  2. You've been tagged. Go to my blog ( to read the rules.



  3. Hi Joyce, I really like your style, you drew me in immediately. I followed you to your blog from mike's writing workshop:) take care, lisa