Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh, Canada!

I don't know how I'm going to relate this entry to writing, but it had to be said.


No, not in a romantic sense, although he IS as cute as a baby's tushy. I love his showmanship, his sense of humor, his unpretentiousness, his appreciation for and recognition of the gifted musicians in his band, and his genuine love for the kind of music he has brought to a new generation of listeners.

But, most of all, I love his velvety voice that could make aboriginal war chants sound heavenly. The only song cover I've ever heard him do that I didn't like better than any other version is "Mack The Knife," and that's only because Bobby Darin's original is impossible to improve upon.

And the story behind Michael Bublé's (notice how I'm able to produce the properly accented "é" in his name. Not everyone can do that, you know!) musical career just makes him even more lovable. He was introduced to the old standards he came to love by his grandfather, who used to do free plumbing work for Vancouver musicians in exchange for their letting Michael perform a few numbers with them onstage, since Michael was too young to be booked in clubs at the time. In 2004, Michael took his grandfather on tour with him in Italy, and he dedicates "You'll Never Know" to his granddad when he sings it in concert. How can you not love a guy who loves his granddad?

I was fortunate enough to see Michael in concert last July, (I have the BEST sister in the world who treated me!) and it was an incredible show in every aspect. He's funny, self-deprecating, gracious, and he can sing any kind of music imaginable. He does a dead-on impression of Michael Jackson (including some enjoyable crotch grabbing!) and when he mocks Josh Groban (one of his best friends), it's hilarious.

If you've never heard Michael Bublé sing or have only heard his released singles ("Home," "Save the Last Dance For Me" and "Feeling Good"), then do yourself a favor and put his IT'S TIME CD on your Christmas list and put some asterisks and exclamation points beside it so Santa gets the message.

Hey, asterisks and exclamations points have to do with writing. Success!

~Stay true to yourself, and your dreams will come true.

P.S. If you go to Michael's website ( you automatically get to hear three of his songs!

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  1. Let me see if I can pronounce Buble'. Boob-lay! Would that be close to Cajun speak? I've never heard of Buble', but he must be terrific if you say so, Joyce.
    I love your blue attitude comments.

    Jay Hudson
    Jay's Writer's World