Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year, New Books!

Somebody notify the FBI to call off the missing person search. I found my way back! I haven't blogged since last June, but at least I've been busy while I was away. I have a new contract and cover for Symmetry from The Wild Rose Press, and I also got a three-book deal from Buzz Books USA for my YA series about Jada, the smart-mouthed dead girl who has to stay here and stop the scumbag who killed her. (More details about that coming soon!)

I absolutely LOVE my new cover for Symmetry. The cover artist, Debbie Taylor with DCA Graphics, did such a fantastic job creating a cover that perfectly represents my heroine and my story. That is so totally Ming looking at Jess and saying, "Hey, when are you gonna wise up and trade in that clueless husband of yours for that tall drink of water who's been hanging around here lately? I like him a lot better!"

I'm so excited about both deals and have some fun contests and promotions planned for the next few months. I'll also be taking part in Snippet Sunday again soon, so stay tuned for some tantalizing teasers!

Oh, and this isn't book related, but I also got the most adorable, sweet, precious little doggy named Tilly, one of three Pomeranians my son found abandoned. She has cataracts and can't see much, but she finds her way around just fine from sniffing and following my voice. She definitely found her way into my heart! I named her after Tilly Aston, a blind Australian woman who founded the Association for Blind Writers. Since I've been letting my hair grow out, we have the same hairdo. I can't make my eyes as big as hers though. ;-)

~Stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true!

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Susan Macatee said...

Great cover, Joyce! Debbie Taylor has done a few of my own covers.

Carrie Cox said...

Look forward to seeing--and reading--the new books!

J.L. Sheppard said...

Love the cover!

Ashantay said...

Great cover and I love your dog!

brenda said...

What a lovely cover. Cute pic of you and the pup.

Kat de Falla said...

Awesome cover - Debbie did mine too and I LOVE her!! Congrats on the great cover!